I joined the Seint Artist Program in 2020 when my babe was 4 months old. I had no makeup experience, no social media following, no social selling experience, and no extra time. I had an amazing nursing position. I was worried what people would think, and I was scared to fail...but something kept telling me to take this leap of faith.

I never had a desire to leave my 8-4 life, but at times my mind wonders and I think about what it would be like if I was part time. I sit and Imagine the possibilities, push myself to show up consistently, and work on that passion to build a happier life for me and my family! I have yet to take this leap but will keep you all posted if and when I do.

Quick Highlights

Here are some quick highlights about the Artist Program:

NO Makeup Experience Needed

No Minimum Sales Requirements

No Minimum Artist Purchases

(in face, you will earn all your makeup + skincare for free)

NO Inventory

(Corporate handles all shipping and returns)

20% -40% Commission on ALL Personal Sales

Uncapped Income Potential

(Monthly bonuses, team building optional)

One-on-One Mentorship

(With me)

Onboarding Website, Training Page & Group Chats

Shade Matching Support

Artist Program Overview

Click here to view video

What Makes Seint Different

Lets break this down so its easier to understand...


We known everyone moves at their own pace and we all have different dreams and goals. For some, Seint might mean an extra $100 per month, and for others that might mean replacing theirs husbands income and travelling! Imagine what your life would look like if your income was a reflection of your hard work and there was no limit to your potential! Skin is the limit, you make your own destiny!


Unlike other companies, you won't be pushed or pressured to cold message people for sales (NO ONE LIKES THAT!), buy product yourself, build a team or reinvest money back into your business. In fact, the only cost you'll have is your Artist Kit (which can be used as a tax write off!) and the low back-office dee for your online store. Once you get you artist kit, you actually never have to buy products again. As artists, we can earn all out products for free! Plus we don't push you to maintain a certain quota or sales per month (which is AMAZAING as we all have rough months). It is so important you do your business your way, but don't worry, your Seint sisters are ALWAYS willing to help. Seriously thought, this sisterhood is incredible!


With only 25K artists in the ENTIRE company, this business is not 'saturated' like some other companies with millions of distributors. There is so much opportunity and room at the table here!


Seint operates like an affiliate-based platform. Meaning Head Office handles everything from customers service, shipping, and even returns! You just get to share what you love, and get paid for it. It honestly is that simple. Imagine if you got to play with makeup and talk to your friends on social media all day... and get paid for it. That's what we do!!

Why Join Team Flourish?

We have an amazing onboarding website that covers everything you need to know to have a successful business!

Shade matching support for all your makeup matches

One-on-one mentorship, exclusive trainings and team chats

The ABSOULTE BEST girl clan and community you could ask for! Everyone of these gorgeous ladies are super positive and supportive

Team events

Videos below will give you more on the SEINT Beauty's Artist Program!

How Do I Become An Artist?

To become an Seint Artist, you will need to register by selecting your artist kit (USA can pick from two options where CAD only has one option).Your artist kit has everything you need to launch your business, and more! The best part is you will never need to buy products again, as you earn it all for free! Plus you can use your artist kit as a tax write-off!

The Basic Kit is available in both the United States and Canada ($199 USD | $279 CAD).

The Pro Kit is ONLY available in the United States ($399 USD).

Registering is super easy, it only takes about 3 minutes to select and order your kit! Feel free to use your First and Last Name in the "Store Name" field when enrolling.

Ready To Get Started?

Once I get a notification that you have registered, I will send you a message with more details on the next steps on how to get started! This will include everything you need to know for onboarding and getting connected into the SEINT sisterhood! Now don't worry girl, I and the rest of your teamies and mentors have you!!


Check Out These Videos For More Details!

Our Story

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Seint for Busy Bees

Click Here For Link

Artist Program 5 Minute Basics

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You Deserve This!

If you have made it this far down this blog post, girl, something is drawing you in! You deserve this! Ask yourself not what is the worst thing that could happen... but what is the BEST thing that could happen?

Tap the below button or link HERE to register. It is super simple, all you do is select and purchase your artist kit to enroll (feel free to use your First and Last Name in the 'store name' field). Once I see that you have registered, I promise you will receive an email from me on how to get started on this AMAZING and LIFE CHANGING opportunity!


If you are still unsure and want to chat further about the makeup or the artist program, I am super approachable and more then happy to chat!

Reach out to me directly on Instagram at @britt.s.campbell or email me at


Thanks for stopping by!

You can reach me by emailing me at

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